Benno Agro

Agricultural sheathing & mulching materials

Agrofibre Agril “BENNO agro” with UV stabilizer. Environmentally friendly sheathing polypropylene fabric for plant protection creates a favorable microclimate and increase fruiting time. The use of agrofibre offers many new opportunities for the agricultural sector.

Frost protection up to -7oС Faster blossom and ripening (average 1-2 weeks) Moisture loss protection in drought Weed growth prevention Frost protection of root system Keeping fruits clean Birds and pests protection Minimizing the negative effects of direct sunlight due to the UV stabilization Eliminates the possibility of condensation and rotting due to excellent breathability Increase in productivity

Sewing Spunbond

Due to the characteristics of strength and versatility nonwven material is widely used in the manufacture of furniture, clothes and shoes, bags, packaging, other goods and products. Strong, wear-resistant and durable spunbond has established itself as a universal material with a huge amount of application.

Clothes and shoes manufacturing Strengthening a pants corsage Lining and interlining Carcase interlayer Disposable workwear and uniform Furniture industry Covering the interior panels and the back side of upholstered furniture Separator between upholstery, printed and forming material Covering springs, mattresses
Benno Tex
Benno Med

Medical Spunbond

Spunbond is an ideal universal hypoallergenic and antibacterial material for medicine and cosmetology. Due to highly sterilizable the material is perfect as disposable protection and hygiene products for medical and cosmetic workers, their patients and visitors.

Designed for cutting and tailoring: Medical masks Surgical gowns and hats Hygiene Masks Patient gowns Disposable underwear Disposable sheets Shoe covers Scope of application: Beauty salons Massage rooms Hospital Facilities

Construction and Service Spunbond

The wind barrier and Geotextile (Roadbed) are indispensable at the stage of preparation for the insulation of walls or house roof and preparation/backfilling of the roadway. The new generation of Geotextiles BENNO Build has an increased operating temperature range and higher wear resistance.

Resistance to heavy loads No emission of harmful substances during operation Roof space wind protection Separation of pavement layers Not rotting Simple installation Durable and longevous - up to 10 years of operation Application in any climatic conditions UV stabilizer provides longer life time
Benno Build