About us

Benno plant

Since 2018

BENNO MATERIALS, SRL.- manufacturer of agrofibre, interlining (sewing spunbond), wind barrier, road surface, medical materials and disposable sheets, as well as other materials using spunbond technology.

The organization is located in Straseni, the Republic of Moldova  and was founded in 2018. Qualified personnel and modern high-tech equipment allows us to provide the market with a wide range of finished products of non-woven materials of high quality with a density range from 15 to 200 gsm.

BENNO MATERIALS uses the best raw materials from leading manufacturers in the production.

Main brands and areas of production:

  • BENNO agro – Agrofibre (Agril), Agricultural Covering & Mulching Materials;
  • BENNO tex – Sewing Spunbond;
  • BENNO med – Medical spunbond and other materials for hygiene and medicine;
  • BENNO build – Building and service materials: geotextiles, wind barrier, steam and moisture insulation spunbond.

BENNO MATERIALS is a high-tech company that introduces innovations and pays exceptional attention to the quality and special properties of the materials produced. At your request, we will develop new materials that will allow you to be more highly competitive in your markets.

Develop, improve and reach a new level of profit – with BENNO MATERIALS! Welcome!