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Agrofibre Agril BENNO agro is an environmentally friendly polypropylene material that serves to protect plants. The use of agrofibre offers many new opportunities for the agricultural sector. We offer three options for agrofibre with UV stabilizer:

  • Agrofibre Agril White Sheltering;
  • Agrofibre Agril Black Mulching;
  • Agrofibre Agril Black & White Mulching.

Area of agrofibre application:

The materials of our production are used:
  • at agricultural holdings and farms;
  • at fruit and vegetable farms;
  • at the construction of greenhouses;
  • by private owners of gardens, home and garden plots.
For sheltering plants and greenhouses

Agrofibre White Sheltering

Through the use of a white shelter you will get the following benefits:

  • increase in productivity;
  • accelerated plant growth (fruits appear at least two weeks earlier);
  • keeping moisture and maintaining temperature;
  • protection from the negative impact of natural factors (direct sunlight, frost, hurricane, hail, wind);
  • pest protection.

High quality material, the latest production technologies, an individual approach to each customer and a willingness to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation are BENNO MATERIALS work style.

Build a highly efficient, profitable and dynamically growing agribusiness with us!

For sheltering the soil

Mulching agrofibre

The advantages of mulching and sheltering agrofibre

Black shelter makes it possible to abandon hazardous to health and expensive herbicides. The material opens such advantages:

  • preventing weed growth;
  • reduction in watering volumes (the material helps to maintain moisture);
  • protection of the root system from low temperature and overheating;
  • improvement of soil structure.

The use of a mulching black & white shelter opens up even more possibilities. The sun is reflected from the surface due to the location of the black side at the bottom and the white side at the top which increases the intensity of photosynthesis while the root system is protected from high temperatures. Black & white agrofibre can significantly accelerate the ripening of vegetables, fruits and berries.

Density and Application

17-30 g/m2

White agrofibre.

Used to obtain early agricultural products:
cucumbers, strawberries, cabbage, peppers, lettuce, etc.

42-50 g/m2

White agrofibre.

Dense, strong and light agromaterial for winter greenhouses. Significantly reduces heating costs.

Frost protection up to -7 oC.

50-60 g/m2

Black and Black&White dense agrofibre.

Mulching agrofibre as the basis of useful trace elements and soil substances preservation. Black and white agrofibre as an effective protection against root system overheating at high ambient temperatures. Reliable weed control. High quality and appearance of fruits (no damage). Savings on watering due to the penetration and retention of moisture. Rapid heating of the soil – obtaining early seedlings of plants in a shorter period of time.