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Wind barrier and Geotextile (Roadbed) are indispensable at the stage of preparation for the insulation of house walls or roof and preparation/backfilling of the roadway.

Wall and roof insulation

BENNO Build wind barrier

It has excellent tensile strength, high waterproof performance and the following advantages:

  • the ability to install directly on the insulation;
  • wind protection of the roof space, including the installation of cold attics;
  • easy installation of roof sections with special requirements;
  • sustainability of the membrane to ultraviolet radiation;
  • application in any climatic zones and the possibility of installation in any weather (including at subzero temperatures) without losing their properties.
Preparation/filling of the roadway

Geotextile thermobonded BENNO Build

Benefits of Thermally Bonded Geotextiles

Non-woven thermally bonded BENNO Build geotextile prevents deformation of asphalt or concrete in the road surface, provides separation of the layers of the road surface, increases the stability of the structure of road surfaces and performs the reinforcement functions.

  • resistance to heavy loads;
  • no emission of harmful substances during operation;
  • not rotting;
  • water permeable but do not passes small and large solid particles;
  • easy installation
  • durable and longevous – up to 10 years of operation;
  • application in any climatic conditions due to the increased elasticity of fiber thread.

Geotextiles thermobonded BENNO Build is of 100, 120, 135, 150, 200 gsm density. It is a dense and durable non-woven material that is made of polypropylene fibers with the addition of a UV stabilizer.

UV stabilizer provides longer life time and protects the material from decomposition.

Water permeable but do not passes small and large solid particles.

Briefly about Geotextiles

BENNO Build geotextile is a geosynthetic material widely used in the construction of civil, commercial, industrial facilities (roads, railways, foundations, roofs, filtration systems, tunnels, stadiums, pools, ponds, irrigation canals, etc.).

Geotextiles (spunbond) BENNO Build acts as a membrane: the granular side allows moisture to pass through while the reverse smooth side of the material does not allow moisture to pass through and functions as a membrane.

Geotextiles (spunbond) BENNO Build is not susceptible to decay, the effects of fungi and mold, rodents and insects, root sprouting, doesn’t allow weeds to grow.

The new generation of Geotextiles BENNO Build has an increased operating temperature range and higher wear resistance.